Saving Lives: Fire Safety

The most important, and also the least expensive item in your home are smoke detectors. These small devices detect smoke and notify occupants with a loud and piercing alarm. We recommend that smoke detectors be installed on the ceiling (or within 12” of the highest part of a wall adjacent to the ceiling) of every floor level and in every bedroom.

In addition to smoke detectors, a permanently installed fire sprinkler system help to extinguish a fire once that fire starts. These systems are generally required on larger homes and in rural areas and may be required on all homes by the building department as a part of that building department’s safety standards.  Like the name hints, fire sprinklers spray higher pressure water onto an active fire located in range of a sprinkler head. These systems are considerably more expensive to install  in a home as compared to smoke detectors but the price may be offset by home insurance rate reductions; talk to your  insurance agent  for details.

Making a fire escape plan and practicing that plan costs nothing and may be the single most important thing you can do for you and your family’s safety. For those who live in a two story house, having a roll-up fire escape ladder in each occupied bedroom may mean the difference between life and death.  For those with small children, teach your children how to open the window as part of an in-home fire drill. Also, place bedroom furniture close to or directly under windows to make it easier for small children and the elderly to get to a window in case of a fire.

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